-SOLD- Sand Hill Lakes

-SOLD- Sand Hill Lakes Property Description

Price Per Acre: $2,500

Sand Hill Lakes is an opportunity to own a piece of one of the most unique properties in Florida. This +/- 4,100 acre property located just north of Panama City Beach is part of the iconic James L. Knight Property that has been lauded as some of the most valuable wetland and sand hill habitats remaining in private hands in the State of Florida. The property offers countless unique features including steephead ravines, unique karst topography, and almost 5 miles of lake shorefront. There are three lakes on the property ranging in size from 196 acres to 60 acres that all provide world class fishing experiences. In addition to the excellent recreational aspects of the property, this piece of land has investment potential with approximately 1200 acres designated for development in the Washington County Comprehensive Plan while also being ranked in the top 10 on the Florida Forever Critical Natural Lands Projects list. If you are looking for a chance to own a unique piece of Florida then schedule a visit to Sand Hill Lakes today.

Property Details

  • Property Category: Investment, Recreation, Conservation

  • Property Size: +/- 4,130

  • Asking Price: $10,325,000

  • Property Location: Washington County

  • Zoning: Timberland

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