About Shield Properties, Inc.

Shield Properties, Inc. was founded in 1979 by William Agricola and licensed in Florida as Real Estate Brokerage Company.

Over the years Shield has evolved into one of the most respected and capable Land Brokerage Companies in North Florida.  It has offered creative approaches to the successful marketing and sale of hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the Southeastern United States. Its approach has been to market on a tract-by-tract basis, tailoring sales strategy to the requirements of the client and the unique characteristics of each tract of land.

In the early 1980’s Shield Properties, Inc. was one of the first land brokerage Companies to assist the Forest Products industry in divesting of Timberland in Florida and the Southeast. With licensed forestry professionals on its sales team, it assisted Companies like Smurfit Stone Container (now West Rock), Brunswick Pulp and Paper Company, Procter and Gamble Cellulose Company and Foley Timber and Land Company in the sale of tens of thousands of acres of land. Since that time, Shield Properties, Inc. has continued to assist many leaders in the Timberland investing community in the selling and acquisition of timberland assets. Shield and its principal, William Agricola, have also been instrumental in assembling purchase groups to purchase vast amounts of timberland in the southeast.  Being an Investor and owner of timberland himself, William Agricola has had the opportunity to better empathize with his clients and understand their needs throughout the investment process. 


Bill Agricola

With almost four decades of experience in the real estate industry, Bill has all the expertise and experience to fulfill any of your real estate needs. Throughout his career he has dealt with large corporations, private investors, government agencies, groups, and countless other types of investors. In recent years he has focused on putting together groups of investors to buy large tracts of land. Bill also owns large tracts of land throughout the south east, giving him the ability to relate to the customers in a way that not all real estate brokers can.

William Agricola

Senior Sales Associate
William has been working with Shield Properties since 1998. He has closed countless deals and successfully worked with large corporations and private landowners alike. His technical know how and attention to detail has helped Shield Properties Inc. grow into an even more successful and respected brokerage firm in the two decades that he has worked with us.

Christophe Agricola

Broker Associate
Christophe graduated from the University of North Florida in 2017 and has been working with Shield Properties Inc. ever since. In addition to managing the families properties around the state of Florida he has been involved in numerous real estate transactions. He has experience dealing with multiple government agencies, large corporations, and private landowners.