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Horseshoe Circle Place +/- 414 Acres

Horseshoe Circle Place +/- 414 Acres Property Description

Just a half hour drive to downtown Jacksonville and minutes away from I-10, this tract has huge potential for development. It is close to both Bryceville and Baldwin and the Jacksonville-Baldwin Recreational Trail is only five minutes away. With the explosive growth on Highway 301 this piece is in the cross-hairs of the westward growth from Jacksonville. This offering contains two distinct tax parcels which allows for more flexible development densities. Based on preliminary information from Nassau County the current density information for this tract is 1 dwelling per 1 acre for upland acres (+/-285 Acres) and 1 dwelling per 5 acres for wetland acres (+/-130 Acres). For more information on this tract contact-

Christophe Agricola (904)894-5803 christopheagricola@shieldpropertiesinc.com

Property Details

  • Property Category: Development/Timber

  • Property Size: +/- 414

  • Asking Price: $6,250 Per Acre

  • Property Location: Nassau County, Florida

  • Zoning: OR - Open Rural

Additional Info

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